When Muslims Die

In January 2015 there was a massacre at Charlie Hebdo and 12 people died. There was a furore all over the world, political leader came down to join the crowds in protest. The news was a headline all over the world, similarly and incident in Sydney involving a lone gunman made headlines.

On the 11th of February three Muslims were killed by an anti theist in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Not one, not a single newspaper drew headlines over this tragedy. Many expressed their anger at the killer but the media did not think it was eligible for the first page. Maybe just maybe because the dead were Muslims.

Likewise Boko Haram that has killed so many innocent civilians has failed to raise alarms in the west. The massacre by the hundreds, and most of the victims are Muslims. Maybe just maybe the lives of blacks is less valuable than a French white.

Where is the justice in the reporting of incidents involving no White, non-Jews and Muslims? Why is it not treated the same way as all the other tragedies that happen. We live in a world where information is spread easily but the media chooses to spread what it can sell rather than what should be reported.

Africans, Asians and the rest are not given the attention because WE did not colonize Europe. If indeed Cheng Ho’s fleet was to meet the British Navy we would have a very different history on our hands today. But as the world has it that was not the case, media chooses to promote issues that interest the west but not otherwise.

Justice is a right of all humans, no one is exempted and likewise should be treated equally. No one person is above another, no one person deserves food more than the other. We live on the same planet why not live with justice and strive to spread justice?