Names of Muhammad – Part 4

The Quran is a set of instructions for mankind. The methods to carry out the instructions are shown by the Prophet. The Quran tells the believers to establish prayers but does not mention the “hows”.

Those who believe in the unseen and keep up prayer and spend out of what We have given them.
Quran 2:3

The methods or the hows to perform prayers are mentioned in the traditions of Muhammad. In simple words Quran is an instruction manual and the methods are from the traditions.

Quran was sent to Muhammad with instructions on what to do. Let us look at the Quran as an instruction sent to Muhammad for him to teach others. When an instruction addresses a person, there is no necessity to mention the name of the person the instructions are sent to.

The rest of the people mentioned in an instruction would have to be mentioned by name so as to identify them. Hence the calling by name of Jesus, Moses, Jacob etc. more often than Muhammad himself. As the Quran is sent to him there is no need to mention his name as often.

Ta Ha. We have not revealed the Quran to you that you may be unsuccessful. Nay, it is a reminder to him who fears.
Quran 20:1-3

It is mentioned in the Quran that it was revealed to Muhammad. And he was called by one of his names, Taha. The reference made to Muhammad in the Quran are numerous and more than any other Prophet(s). The seal of the Prophets was a mortal who brought the message of God for all mankind.