How the Muslims Forgave

taman medan protest

Recently a demonstration was held with regards to the display of a cross at a church. This incident happened on the Sunday, 19th of April 2015, apparently because there was a large cross displayed on the façade. The demonstration was condemned by many people of all religious background and race.

Taman Medan at the beginning of the century was involved in an incident, not as peaceful as the one in 2015. It was an incident that still lingers in the memory of many Malaysians to this day. Then comes the question about the legality of the premise. As stated by Majlis Bandaraya Petaling  Jaya the Church was NOT approved, neither as a premise for religious activity nor were they given the permission to put up the cross.

This can be read here, MBPJ classifies Taman Medan church as illegal. One would like to go to Taman Medan and look at the demographics there to see if there are a significant number of Christians there. Apparently no, given that fact there is another church less than 2 kilometers from the new church.

Churches around Teman Medan, one can notice that there are quite a number of churches in the area. This begs the question why would anybody want to build a church in a Muslim majority area. The wounds of 2001 might still be fresh in the minds of some living there, so why trigger their feelings?

Why play with the feelings of people in an area already known to have shown their sentiments earlier? Why trigger their anger and later just to tell them that they have been forgiven? Forgiven for protesting an illegal church? How is one forgiven for protesting for something that is already wrong?

It is the tolerance of the Muslims in Taman Medan and the surrounding areas that allowed churches to be built there. It was the Muslims who forgave the Taman Medan church for being there, yet they only asked the cross to be removed and not the church itself.

Despite operating illegally the church in Taman Medan showed no signs of remorse yet “forgave” the citizens of Taman medan. Why was the church built in a sensitive area, didn’t anyone anticipate a backlash from a Muslim MAJORITY for building a church in such a place.

It is impossible to assume that the church was oblivious to the happenings in Taman Medan and decided to build a church for a small congregation. Despite there being many churches in the surrounding areas. Was this an effort to trigger the sentiments of Muslims?

After triggering these sentiments then the church “forgives” as though they had no part to play when triggering these sentiments. Forgiving made the church look innocent while many did not bat an eyelid on the area which has a Muslim majority and that the surroundings have many more churches that the Christian worshippers could have used.

The Muslims of Taman Medan specifically forgave the church for illegally operating and the Muslims of Malaysia chose to forgive by not doing anything about an illegal church.

The Muslims followed the saying of the Quran,

And those who avoid the major sins and immoralities, and when they are angry, they forgive,

Quran 42:37

And hence Muslims forgave the church for its misdoings in Taman Medan. The Taman Medan Church could not have forgiven the demonstrators, one can not forgive when one is the one in the wrongdoing.