If God Exists then what is He?

Does God exist? If God does exist then where is the proof? If there is proof, what determines indeed God is responsible for these events, creations, laws, cycle etc.? Is there a way to prove that God indeed exists and is responsible for the universe that we live in?

There are a few attributes that God must be in order to be God:

  • Omnipotent – All powerful, has the ability to do anything He wants any time He wants. The ability to create and destroy anything and everything at will.
  • One and only  – If there were to be more than one God, there would be a power struggle between them. And eventually the more powerful God will reign, leading to only one God. Or if they were to co-exist it would be difficult for humans to co-exist as there will be a prolonged war between them.
  • Eternal – Should exist forever, without birth and without death.
  • Free of sustenance – Does not require any sustenance from anything dead or alive, existing or yet to exist.
  • Sustains everything – Everything that exists require Him to sustain them, i.e. give life, give nourishment etc.
  • Does not give birth nor is He born – If God was born, His parents would be superior to God Himself, and that would dictate that God must obey His parents since they are greater than Him. If God gave birth then His children would be fighting for the throne. And in case God did give birth the lineage would continue and we would have many Gods fighting for the throne. Each one with His/Her special ability, that would mean X-men can exist.
  • Should not be in the realm of the creation – God as the Creator should not exist in the realm of His creations. If someone was to bake a cake, they do not become a part of the cake. That goes for any invention, no man was ever fused to his invention, unless it went terribly wrong.
  • Should not look like anything amongst His creations – If God were to look anything like His creations this means that man could actually or has seen God. God must be superior to the human intellectual capacity to imagine Him. If man could imagine God’s appearance that means man can imagine anything and everything. God should be so great that the scope of imagining Him does not exist.
  • All knowing – Has knowledge of that exists, knowledge of everything in the past, knowledge of what is happening and everything that will happen.
  • Free of faults -He is perfect and does not require anything, does not make mistakes. Does not lack anything in terms of ability.

All these attributes are for the Lord the God the Almighty. A God must adhere to the attributes above. However for us humans to accept Him as God, He must manifest His knowledge to all His creations that bear the faculty of intellect and wisdom.

Indeed if God exists He has to have at least the mentioned attributes. If He indeed exists then without any doubt we would return to Him.