A Reply to Dyana Sofya


In a recent article in titled “Winter in Bumi Kenyalang” published by the Malay Mail Online, Dyana Sofya, she made a quote praising the acts of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The quote is as follows,

“Under the sweeping reforms of what has been dubbed “Kemalism”, Turkey was brought into the 20th century as the citizenry were introduced to free education, gender equality, basic institutions of democracy, the separation of religion from state, and a modernization philosophy that was led by the drive for science and technology.”

The separation from religion is regarded as a good thing in her opinion, and likewise that is also the opinion of her party, i.e. Democratic Action Party, or more commonly known by its acronym DAP. It is not a surprise that the praises were given to Mustafa Kemal, DAP might like the “freedom” imposed by Mustafa Kemal.

Mustafa Kemal introduced a single part regime that went all the way from the Turkish Revolution until 1945. The Turkish revolution happened in 1924. That’s 21 years of a single party rule, am not sure if that is called “basic institutions of democracy”. Then one has to wonder on the definition of democracy, if this definition is held by DAP or merely Dyana Sofya.

That said, Mustafa Kemal also abolished all Islamic institutions in Turkey, despite Turkey having an overwhelming majority of Sunni Muslims. He abolished ministries that dealt with Islamic affairs in Turkey. If this is considered democracy I don’t know, but I think a more suitable term would be autocracy.

Autocracy to the extent he changed the language of the Azan (call to prayer) from Arabic to Turkish. Something unheard of elsewhere in the world even in non-Muslim majority states. Mustafa Kamal was by all means an anti-Islamic dictator, and not to mention the numerous mass murders done under his command.

Muslim women were not allowed to wear headscarves in certain locations. And if I may ask is this the type “freedom” that Dyana looks for? There has yet to be a Muslim scholar that agrees with what Mustafa Kamal did to Turkey. He ruined the entire nation with his so called “democratic” values.

How can a person such as this be revered with as a democracy, unless it is the version that interests Dyana and her party leaders. Separation of religion and state too was done with impunity. Is that the Malaysia that we are looking at under DAP? The political ideas and philosophies of Malaysia should go hand in hand with the Federal Constitution.

The Federal Constitution states that “Islam is the Religion of the Federation…” in Article 3(1). How can it be that this country of ours forget Islam and move on as a secular nation revering people like Mustafa Kemal? The Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. was sent as a mercy to mankind,

And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds.

Quran 21:107

And as usual, my writings do not aim to reply to an article in its entirety but some contentious points that are in my opinion are unIslamic and should not be preached, which in my opinion are against the teachings of Islam.


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